Cardano Nuts – 9.600 Unique NFTs

Cardano Nuts live deep in the Cardano blockchain. Searching for a new cosy wallet to stay.

All NFT holders get 1,000 Leaf token per NFT Leaf Toke

!! Important !! Do not transfer the ADAs from an exchange! Use: Daedalus, Nami, Yoroi, Eternl (CCVault), AdaLite, NuFi, or Typhoon

Pricing Table

PhaseNuts SoldPrice
11 – 5015 ₳
2502 – 15018 ₳
31502 – 550115 ₳
45502 – 960025 ₳

About Cardano Nuts

Brave, friendly, happy, and cheeky; they have been living for long in hiding, deep in the Cardano Forest – Cardano Nuts.

A community of 9,600 nuts.

They explore the vastness of the Cardano Forest with a spirit of adventure – but their curiosity brings danger. A dark shadow has awakened deep in the forest … 
A legend says that 7 unique items once summoned the murph, that god who can protect the nuts from evil. Can the Nuts Fellowship recover the 7 unique items?


Different Colors


Different Faces – 25 Pieces

Dozens of traits & a lot more

Epic Types

Rarity Table

Rare traits

All traits more information will follow



Q2 2021

Cardano Pool starts
At the end of the 2nd Our Cardano Pool went online at the end of the 2nd quarter. This was our first step toward the development of the Cardano ecosystem. The Pool Ticker is: FIRE
(Financial Revolution)

Q3 2021

The CardanoNuts Idea
The idea of a Cardano-based payment system (CardanoJClient) and an NFT project called CardanoNuts emerged. Work on both started at the beginning of September.

Q4 2021

CardanoJClient & Minter
Deeper familiarization with the technology of Cardano. The design, concept, and architecture of the CardanoJClient and the Minter were done. The first brainstormings for the upcoming NFT game based on CardanoNuts were completed.

Q1 2022

Graphics, Homepage & Programming
The graphics for CardanoNuts are finished as well as the homepage design. Intensive programming work on the CardanoJClient backend.

Q2 2022

Release Cardano Nuts
Release of CardanoNuts and a first version of the payment system. Further work on the Nuts project and concept studies for a Nuts Season 2.

Q3 2022- Now

Programming NFT-Game & Preparing NFT Season 2
The programming of the first game begins.
Preparing season 2 of CardanoNuts & animated NFTs.

if 2500 Nuts sold

Q3 2023

Merchandise & Comic
Implementation of a merchandise store on the CardanoNuts site. Publication of a comic about the history of Nuts.

if 2500 Nuts sold
if 5000 Nuts sold

Q4 2023

Season 2 starts & DApp backend
The 2nd season of CardanoNuts begins.
Here the work on the DApp backend for the later NFT game will also start.

if 5000 Nuts sold
if 7500 Nuts sold

Q1 2024

Beta DApp
Release of the finished CardanoJClient and first beta of the DApp backend for the NFT game.
This gives the CardanoNut NFTs a real use in the game, and benefits the players.
NFTs with real benefits..

if 7500 Nuts sold
If 9600 Nuts sold

Q3 2024

Preview Game Version
Preview version of the 1st NFT game with ready DApp integration.

If 9600 Nuts sold

Q2 2025 expected

Game relase
Release of the 1st NFT game and the start of the implementation of the actual NUT role-playing game.

And more …

We have a lot of ideas and a lot of plans – so why not a 5-year plan?
The stronger and bigger we become, the more we would like to integrate the feedback & ideas of the community into our project.

Because we want to create the game for the community. And that the cute, little, cheeky nuts grow close to heart and become a part of the Cardano Community.





Software Engineer

Tech Lead



Marketing & Creative

Creative Director Cardano Nut, Webdesign, Marketing


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